(BatCat Press 2019)

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Lot for Sale. No Pigs is a poetry collection by Sandy Green. With quick wit and striking imagery, Green paints a candid picture of a housewife rediscovering herself. This twelve poem collection offers a new perspective on domesticity and the relationships between neighbors, friends, family, and even strangers.

14 pgs.
First Edition, 100 Copies
6″ x 9″ Softcover
Printed and bound by hand

The design reflects the same midwestern sensibilities found in the writing. With a window cut out in the cover, we get to peer into this woman’s life, her home, and the secrets that lie behind what appears to be mundane and normal.

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"...a collection rich in imagery and narrative." Cynthia Reeser, Prick of the Spindle


(Flutter Press 2009)

My chapbook is available from me directly. Please contact me through the Contact page or at [email protected] for a signed copy! Or buy at Lulu here! Thanks!

A collection of fifteen poems which explores relationships between people who often don’t have the same investment in each other.


Prick of the Spindle

Issue 3.4

Review by Cynthia Reeser

Sandy Green’s chapbook from Flutter Press, Pacing the Moon, is a collection rich in imagery and narrative. Green’s biography emphasizes her work in fiction writing, and this apparent bent shines through in her poetry...The work is not lacking in imaginative quality.

Small Press Reviews


Philadelphia Stories Blog

February 6, 2010 and June 8, 2010

Review by Marc Schuster

In Pacing the Moon, Sandy Green demonstrates time and again that everything tells a story...the collection also does a wonderful job of balancing the extremes that make a life: presence and absence, order and chaos, longing and satisfaction are all the subjects of Green’s poetry. Indeed, so schooled is she at the cosmology of everyday life that the most mundane of occurrences...serve as the backdrop for the most significant of realizations...Weighing in at sixteen poems over twenty-one pages, Pacing the Moon packs a surprising punch and introduces Sandy Green not just as a poet but an ardent student of the tiny details that make us human.

Boston Literary Magazine

February 18, 2010

Review by Robin Stratton

Marvin Gaye sang There's always one who loves more than the other, and Sandy Green absolutely nails this theme in her first chapbook, Pacing the Moon. Beautifully presented by Flutter Press and startling in its imagery, this richly-textured collection is full of painful insights into humans at the height of our vulnerability.

Pedestal Magazine

April 22, 2010

Review by Janelle Adsit

With Pacing the Moon, Sandy Green shows herself to be a student of experience, of her domestic surroundings, of her relationships. Each of the fifteen poems collected in this chapbook seems to operate as an earnest exploration. But nowhere is Green’s study more evident than in “The Blue Side of Winter” series. This set of three poems provides three versions of an encounter with a sparrow. It’s an exercise in line-by-line revision, which investigates the poet’s ability to change with just a word how something is known and/or experienced...read the rest here.

Burning River

July 13, 2010

 Review by Chris Bowen

I was grateful enough last week to receive a copy Sandy Green’s chapbook,Pacing The Moon (Flutter Press) and fair warning, this collection is distinctively descriptive.   Green gives and takes from a sentence it’s structure and what she wants, commanding it through periods, line breaks and even on into poems in parts, as The Blue Side of Winter I,II, and III suggest...read the rest here.

Tipton Poetry Journal 

Fall 2010

Review by Barry Harris

...In her debut chapbook, Pacing the Moon, Sandy Green's subtle but straightforward voice weaves its way through the selection of 15 {sic} poems. Or rather dances. Her background as a classical ballet dancer is obvious...(and she) has found her muse and leaves her own voice behind for us to follow.