In THE TIDE CHANGERS (Penumbra Publishing 2012), thirteen-year-old Ford Kahr confronts his fear of the water after losing his father in a scuba diving accident three years ago. Ford discovers a startling secret about himself and his sister, Mercedes, in the ocean by the family's Cape Lore hotel in New Jersey.

The ocean harbors a whole world of underwater people and scary sea monsters that Mercy and Ford must explore – hoping they’ll find some clue to the disappearance of their father, the astonishing secret they share about the water, and what really lies in the ocean depths.

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January 20, 2012 

Review by Jackie

This is a very original idea for a story. Ford's father is lost while scuba diving and has been gone for years. As a result, Ford is terrified of drowning. When his brother has an unfortunate accident while exploring the beach near their home, it's up to Ford and his sister, Mercy, to save him. They discover an amazing secret about themselves that will lead to adventure, excitement and danger...

The Midwest Book Review

March 2012

A mystery of family is a mystery you want to see solved. "The Tide Changers" is a young adult novel from Sandy Green, telling of thirteen year old Ford and his younger sister Mercedes as they look into the ocean and wonder about the disappearance of their father all those years ago. "The Tide Changers" is a riveting read for younger readers with their own fascination about the world's oceans, very much recommended reading. 


April 2012 

 Stacie Theis writes, "it is an intriguing story with surprising twists that keep the reader entertained from beginning to end" and recommended picking up a copy. 


May 2012 

A rather unexpected read, this book deals with everything from the loss (maybe) of a family member to mysterious creatures under the sea (no, not mermaids exactly…), allowing it to take you on a journey beyond coral and into the stars…literally.  Read the entire review here.


Sept. 2012 

Boystobooks blogger Trudy Zufelt recommends the book calling it "an action packed adventure" that would "appeal to the reluctant reader."


4.0 out of 5 stars 8 out of 10 hearts!

By Karielle @ Books à la Mode on July 25, 2012

The idea of this subterranean underworld is enchanting. Green's descriptions are vivid and captivating, but not so fantastical that the unfamiliar realm seems like a child's imagination... The Tide Changers is like a combination of the Magic Tree House and Emily Windsnap series (both of which, are my childhood favorites!) because it brims with excitement and involves strange, but alluring underwater exploration.

I really love Ford's character. He's a good boy from head to toe -- no teenage angst yet -- but I do get a sense of fun-loving, realistic mischief that Green portrays well. His compassion and prudence are admirable too, and his self-determined responsibility over and patience for his little sister, equally precocious traits. Jag is also a likable character. He holds himself in higher regard than Ford does (at fourteen, he's old enough to do that); as a brother, this is irritating, but as a supporting character, it's appropriate. He's a good kid as well. Mercy is lovable in every aspect. She's the cute, imaginative, too-smart-for-her-own-good, yet still terribly naïve eleven-year-old sister that everyone wants. Characterization is very strong in this novel, one of my favorite aspects to it.

The Tide Changers is a beautifully-crafted and child-friendly (I recommend it for children ages 8 to 12) novel that's short in structure, but huge on sentiments, and I enjoyed it a lot.

4.0 out of 5 stars Original Middle Grade Adventure

ByJ ackie M.on January 19, 2012

... This is a very unique idea. I don't want to get into the source of the secret that is discovered for spoilery reasons, but I really liked this. I think it's a great, adventurous read that any Middle Grader would enjoy reading, either alone or with a parent.

4.0 out of 5 stars Intriguing Story

By Stacie Theison April 25, 2012

The Tide Changers by Sandy Green is an intriguing story with surprising twists that keep the reader entertained from beginning to end... I recommend picking up a copy of The Tide Changers by Sandy Green.

5.0 out of 5 starsEngaging and fun

By MKT12on January 4, 2012

The Tide Changers is a great read - a blend of fantasy, good vs. evil, and mystery that makes it hard to put down. Ford and Mercy seem to be average pre-teens with the normal problems, questions, and doubts that we all face. However, as their story unfolds, they discover that they have unique qualities that make them indispensable to their new friends.


By HVAHJEN on December 23, 2011

AN INGENIOUS CREATION -- Enhanced children explore a misplaced civilization and find the key to a family tragedy. Excellent read for the young members of the family.

Sandy Green


(Penumbra Publishing (2011)

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